Founded in 2003, by Doc Costa with more then 45 years of experience.  Our clients trust us to offer the best sales and service of new and used commercial food equipment in Hawaii,  Our team is the most professional, experienced and trustworthy in the business.

Great service at a lower cost

We work hard to give you the best sales & service of  new and used commercial food equipment around.  It's important to us that our customers get the benefits of a better product without paying more. Our commitment is to excellence without inflated price, and that's why we pride ourselves on a history of being the lowest-cost option among our competitors.

How we do it

We've built our business on a simple model: provide our customers with top quality equipment & service.  Build a relationship with our customers that they can count on and trust.  

Looking ahead

We're dedicated to remaining your low-cost alternative service center for decades to come.